The next order will be placed the second week of February.  

                Forms can be picked up in the narthex or social hall.

COVID protocol

Along with most institutions, St. Martin is carefully planning for reopening to the public with an emphasis on still containing the virus as much as possible. We recognize that there are some who are more than ready to return to worship together, and we recognize and fully understand that there are some who are not ready or able to return to worship together. 

There will be FOUR options to participate in worship:

            1. In person inside the church

            2. Facebook Live

            3. Drive-In

            4. Wednesday Midweek 7:00 PM Service

1.  For those coming to join us IN CHURCH, we strongly encourage those not feeling well/symptomatic to STAY HOME. When you arrive, you will be seated immediately. Families may sit together at either ends of the pew, every other pew. Our Elders will help you find an appropriate place to sit so that we can both fill the church and maintain social distancing. Once the church is full, we will have chairs available in the social hall from where you will be able to hear and see the service. 

We will encourage, but not require the usage of masks. Elders and Pastor will be masked whenever interacting closely with the congregation, such as serving communion. Communion will be served in a continual progressing, similar to last summer. Disposable plastic individual cups will be used. The common cup will be withheld for now. 

To minimize the number of things touched, we will gather the offering at the door and discontinue the record of fellowship books for attendance for now. After the service, we will usher people out from back to front to help keep interactions along the aisle to a minimum. Pastor will stand at the door by the carport to greet the people, but there will be no shaking of hands. If you must have a cup of coffee or snack after church, well, you can certainly tailgate in the parking lot. 

2. FACEBOOK LIVE will remain in use, thanks to a substantial investment into new equipment and technology. (If you are versed in audio-video technology, you are highly sought after to help produce these services when our present operator cannot make it to church!!) 

3. Some may choose to continue to use the DRIVE-IN method of coming to church and listen to the service, with the option of coming in at the proper time to receive communion. (Please note we will not be able to provide a live video feed to the parking lot.) For that purpose, we will continue to use the FM transmitter (87.9 FM) until no longer needed.  

4. In addition, our Midweek Service will be offered  each Wednesday at 7:00 and will use the readings and message of the preceding Sunday. Communion will be served. 

We hope that by offering this variety of service options, we will meet the needs of as many people as possible. Remember that Pastor is also available for home visits should you desire them for any reason - whether you are in a high risk situation due to age or medical condition, or apprehensive about being in large groups, or are simply not feeling well and so need to self-quarantine for a time. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Schmitt at the office -849-4421 - or on his cell at 414-477-7804. 

God bless our time together in Spirit - even when apart in the body!

Pastor Schmitt